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Equinox International takes great pride in providing uniquely designed, high-end home & kitchen products at affordable prices. From ultra-soft bedroom pillows and comforters to our signature stainless steel electric kettle and table flatware sets, we strive to stay consistent with the three core principles we have grown upon:

User Experience - Our main goal is to help customers in everyday life. Whether its making breakfast, reading a book, spending time with friends/family or sleeping.

Design - We emphasize on how our products look. If you're going to be using it everyday for a good portion of your life, we believe it should be aesthetically appealing to the user.

Reliability - Quality control is an issue many small companies/brands face. At Equinox International, it's not just about getting it right, it's about getting it right every time.
We are the sole distributor of the brands Equinox International™, Royal™ , Zeppoli and Baby & Mom™

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