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Straight Razors, Kits & Traditional Best Sellers

About Straight Razor Shaving

To get the ultimate close shave, straight razor shaving is quickly becoming more and more popular among barbers, and at home. The best in vintage shaving is a sharp blade of steel on the face for that smoother and longer lasting shave. Whether you want single edge razor, a safety razor or a barber razor, find the best in straight shave hair care products while staying on the cutting edge of fixed blade classic shaving.

Our Straight Edge Razor Products

First and foremost, our blades are made from top quality surgical stainless steel, without the high price. If you prefer the entire kit, consider a professional kit that comes with a top quality leather strop sharpener. Steel handle or wood handle are top sellers, and you can never go wrong with the matte black look of aDerby Professional classic.

Find a Barber Knife Razor Blade for Professionals

We provide the industry's top quality barber straight razors and replacement blades. Blades and handles are both customized with a shank in standard, cutthroat or Sicilian type setups for the right grip and blade exposure with professional straight edge blades by Derby blades and used by professional barbers around the globe.